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Has 'Sporadic' Rocket Fire Become the Accepted Norm?

8 June 2023

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew spoke at the Jerusalem Post conference held in NY this week. Why was he treated so unkindly by the crowd? On the same day, Caroline Click, the Jerusalem Post's deputy managing editor,challenged Israel's former Mossad director Meir Dagan over his alleged failure to attack Iran when instructed by the government. Who won that exchange? Why has the story become the behavior at the conference rather than Iran's nuclear program?

The IDF Chief of Southern Command told local residents of Israel's southern region that the military will not launch an operation in Gaza in response to "sporadic" rocket fire. Does the government have an obligation to protect its citizens? Has running to the bomb shelter a few times each week become the new accepted norm?

As Israel appears to have become a victim of the battle between ISIS and Hamas, has Israel chosen to side with Hamas? Will this help keep calm in the South?

The US Supreme Court struck down a law today requiring "Israel" to be listed as the place of birth for American citizens born in Jerusalem. Therefore, passports will continue to read "Jerusalem" with no country listed for those US citizens born there. What does this mean? Is this a victory for the Obama administration?

Host: Glen Ladau
Panel: Mottle Wolfe, Daniel Seaman, Dan Diker and Bassem Eid.




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