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Did PM Netanyahu's Speech Affect Nuclear Negotiations?

12 March 2023

After 47 US senators signed an open letter to the Iranian regime, causing a further rift between Congress and the Obama administration -- and Iran has lashed out at American "backstabbing" -- is it reasonable to assume that PM Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress last week did in fact have an effect? Will this help or hurt the prime minister in next week's election?

Is it appropriate for the European Union to be building homes illegally on the same land on which they accuse Israel of building illegally? As the EU rationalizes its construction as helping "displaced people," the Panel wonders why it has not made much effort to help the hundreds of thousands displaced from Syria or other devastated areas in the region.

How can so many in the world consider Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah organization a "partner for peace," when just yesterday Fatah's Facebook page instructed Israelis to "collect your body parts and leave," as it celebrated the anniversary of its most lethal terrorist attack against Israel? Its Facebook page also referred to the attack, which took place on the coastal road between Tel Aviv and Haifa, as having been carried out in the "heart of the occupied territories." Are the coastal cities what the Palestinians mean when they say "occupied territories?"

With the final poll before elections showing the Zionist Union leading PM Netahyahu's Likud party by four seats, what will happen on election day? Who will be the next prime minister of Israel?




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