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VOI Pre-Election Interviews with MKs Ayelet Shaked and Benny Begin

16 March 2023

HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) party MK Ayelet Shaked tells VOI's Josh Hasten that the only way to guarantee that PM Benjamin Netanyahu does not form a coalition government with the Zionist Union is if her party -- headed by Naftali Bennett, emerges from Tuesday's elections with a significant number of Knesset seats.

However, former Likud minister and MK hopeful Benny Begin tells Josh that the only way a "stable, right-wing government" can be assured is if the voters on the "right" cast their ballots for Likud. He says that while other parties are focused on a variety of social issues, security remains Israel's top priority.

Then, Zev Rosenberg -- paralyzed in a work accident two years ago -- joins Josh in-studio to tell his miraculous story. After undergoing intense rehabilitation, he not only regained his motor abilities, but last Friday ran and completed the Jerusalem Marathon.

Then, HonestReporting's Yarden Frankl, who ran the marathon alongside his friend, Rosenberg, talks about the media. This week's coverage of Israel focuses on the upcoming election. Yarden notes the vibrancy of Israeli democracy and compares it negatively to the complete absence of voting and other democratic rights among the Palestinians. He also discusses the #AskHamas Twitter campaign, and the response of a famous actor to an anti-Semitic attack.




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