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PM Netanyahu: Why Washington, Why the US Congress and Why Now?

17 February 2023

In his speech to a gathering of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, PM Netanyahu laid out his reasons for why he must go to Washington, why he must address the US Congress and why it must be done now. Was he persuasive? Is this the speech he should have given to the gathering of American Jewish leaders?

With the release of the State Comptroller's report questioning the Prime Minister's household expenditures -- calling some excessive and unreasonable -- the Panel debates whether this is substantive or purely political. Shouldn't we expect the expenses of the PM to be greater than our own?

After many in the ultra-religious community of Jerusalem spent last evening celebrating the release of four yeshiva students from jail, where they served a one-month sentence for refusing to enter the army, the Panel discusses the draft policy and the right of the community to demonstrate. Will they win any support for their behavior beyond their community?

After ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, Egypt launched its retaliation. Where were the calls for "restraint" by world leaders? Why do such calls only seem to come when Israel is involved? Is ISIS terrorism different from Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism? And does the US State Department really think that "jobs" can solve the problem with ISIS?

Host: Glen Ladau
Panel: Mottle Wolfe, Daniel Seaman, Molly Livingstone, Josh Hasten




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