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Media Distortions, European Anti-Semitism and the Unexpected Woes of the New Justice Minister

11 May 2023

Hear the low-down on false accusations about -- and within -- Israel.
VOI's Josh Hasten is joined in-studio by HonestReporting's Yarden Frankl, who reviews this week's media coverage of Israel: A child from Gaza is saved by Israeli medics, but an award-winning journalist takes his picture and claims his injuries are the result of Israeli atrocities; the Times of London uses a headline to indicate that a bill before the Israeli legislature would silence human rights critics -- and HonestReporting gets the headline corrected.

Then, Josh is joined by Jerusalem Post Jewish World correspondent Sam Sokol, who discusses the difference between Eastern and Western European anti-Semitism. He says that while Russia and the Ukraine battle each other, both claim to be defenders of the Jews from contemporary anti-Semites. He also believes the situation for Jews openly practicing their Judaism is much worse in Western Europe than in Eastern Europe.

Finally, Josh is joined by VOI political correspondent Raoul Wootliff live from the Knesset, where the issue of how many ministers will be allowed in the next government takes center stage. Wootliff also addresses the fact that the newly appointed justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, is now surrounded by a full-time security detail, to protect her from radical haters depicting her in social media wearing a Nazi SS uniform.




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