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Live@5 Panel: Do Israelis 'Get It?' VP Biden Doesn't Think So

13 May 2023

After a video of an Israeli police officer beating an Ethiopian Israeli soldier went viral, the Ethiopian community reacted to what some say has been years of racist treatment. Is the Ethiopian community discriminated against? Do the police target Ethiopians? Has the Ethiopian community been successfully integrated into Israeli society?

With no public transportation running in Jerusalem on the Sabbath, a private company has begun offering service to prepaid members in the city. Is this a positive development? How will this affect the delicate balance of keeping Jerusalem holy while addressing the needs of the secular residents of the city?

The US administration is pulling out all the stops, it appears, to get Israelis to believe the nuclear accord with Iran is in their best interest. VP Joe Biden said those who think it is a bad deal "just don't get it." US Secretary of State John Kerry effectively called PM Netanyahu hysterical. But who doesn't get it, Israel or the US? Is the prime minister being hysterical or realistic?

According to former US President Jimmy Carter, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal wants peace, but Israel's PM Netanyahu is the problem. Is the elder statesman relevant? Is he dangerous? Is he confused?

Host: Glen Ladau
Panel: Judy Lash Balint, Josh Hasten, Mottle Wolfe and Daniel Seaman




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