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Expressions of Jewish and Israeli Unity

29 April 2023

"Unity" is the subject of today's Josh Hasten show on Voice of Israel, with the focus on several important initiatives bringing the Jewish People together in Israel and abroad.

The Cycle for Unity Foundation is the first-ever non-profit organization utilizing physical fitness and leadership training to bolster Jewish unity and promote the culture of Jewish philanthropy. Joining Josh on-air is the organization's founder, Rabbi Ari Solomont, who is currently leading a group of cyclists from all over the world on a bike trip in Italy, to raise money for important Jewish and Israeli charities.

Then, Josh is joined by JJ Sussman, managing director of Unity Day International, an initiative of the families of the three Israeli boys murdered by Hamas last summer, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and the GESHER organization. According to Sussman, the purpose of "Unity Day," to be held on June 3, is to provide Jews and friends of Israel from all over the world with the opportunity to publicly express the kind of togetherness felt when news of the kidnapping of the three boys emerged. More than one million participants are expected to engage in Unity Day activities.

Finally, Josh is joined in-studio by VOI's Dan Diker, host of "National Security," to discuss Hamas preparations for the next round of violence against Israel. Dan says that many underground terror tunnels from Gaza to Israel already exist, and that Hamas is openly carrying out military training, while UN "peacekeepers" turn a blind eye.

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