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Bonfires of the Vanities and Sounds of Silence

10 May 2023

Tune in to hear about Lag BaOmer, wedding bands at the workplace, the Sderot Media Center, and a European-funded NGO with an anti-Israel report.

Lag BaOmer bonfires expose a surprising dark secret. VOI’s Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub talk about last week's holiday and how it is celebrated differently by children and adults. Learn, as well, about what was behind the fire that consumed the apartment next to Danny’s mother’s house on the night of the festival.

Then, a new ruling by an Israeli rabbi instructing men to wear a wedding band when in mixed work environments leads Daniel and Daniela to discuss the extent of religious coercion and interference in daily life in Israel.

Then, like many Israelis, Noam Bedein was frustrated with the way Israel was portrayed in the media. He joins Daniel and Daniela in-studio to talk about how he created the Sderot Media Center, to get the story of the city's residents out, and why it was shut down. He describes his latest venture, the Jerusalem Discovery Project, to do something similar for northern Judea.

Then, Daniel and Daniela discuss the report of European-funded NGO Breaking the Silence, whose recent report on Israeli "war crimes" has been given publicity and legitimacy by the media.
NGO Monitor senior researcher Itai Reuveni discusses his expose of the report, revealing the forces and intentions behind it.




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