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Are Israel Advocacy Efforts an Exercise in Futility?

3 May 2023

VOI's Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub examine whether Israeli rescue missions, public diplomacy and advocacy efforts influence how the world views the Jewish state. They discuss how a critical vote at the UN last year was thwarted because of the Nigerian president's Christian faith, yet Israeli delegations to Turkey, Haiti, Japan and the Philippines, dispatched to provide medical and humanitarian aid, played no role in their countries' attitudes towards Israel. Ditto where media reportage is concerned. Are Israeli efforts at making its case futile?

Then, Daniel and Daniela are joined in-studio by Philippe Karsenty, the French Jew who became world famous for his crusade to expose the truth about the Muhammed al-Dura hoax -- misreported by France 2 TV nearly 15 years ago. They discuss where the court case stands today; why he continues to pursue the matter; his frustration with the response of Israeli officials; and disappointment that the members of the media who spread the lie have suffered no consequences; and why he believes that a relentless pursuit of the truth is important.

Then, Daniel and Daniela are joined by Canadian college graduate Alexandra Markus, who has been writing a series on the common mistakes Israel advocates make and should avoid to improve their efforts. They discuss the first two installments of the series, published in What does she mean when she explains "how to flip the emotions switch" and "how not to be a wuss"?

Finally, Daniel and Daniela raise the issue of how a Muslim-Israeli soldier's project -- aimed at changing Arab-Israeli perceptions of the IDF -- yielded a surprising reaction: Dozens of social-media posts from youth in Arab countries expressing peace, love and support for Israel. Is this the beginning of real change, as Daniel sees it, or merely the feelings of a few people, which indicate nothing, as Daniela says?




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